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At present, our company is designing electrical systems for warehouses and buildings in Bucharest, Brasov, Ploiesti, Sibiu and Craiova. For more information about our projects, please visit the contact page.

Luminotechnical calculation (lighting) and interior and exterior architectural design in Dialux (2D or 3D) for electrical systems.

  • destination based interior lighting calculation for buildings
  • exterior luminotechnical calculation for streets, highways, sidewalks, etc.
  • industrial buildings luminotechnical calculation
  • energy calculation which relates to lighting appliances in Dialux
  • luminotechnical 2D and 3D simulation in Dialux


Design of low-voltage electrical systems related to buildings, offices or normal buildings involves the following steps:

  1. the architectural plan of the building in editable format (autocad compatible))
  2. list of electrical consumers that will be supplied
  3. position of electrical consumers
  4. client’s requirements
  5. determining the electrical system design phase (DTAC, PTh or PT+DDE)
  6. achievement of the electrical systems project
  7. project delivery

The design of electrical connection installations, solution or networking studies involve the following steps:

  1. information on the consumer to be supplied
  2. obtaining topographic plans
  3. obtaining technical information from your network provider if they are not already available
  4. achievement of the electrical system connection project or solution study
  5. CTE commission project endorsement of the supplier
  6. obtaining the Technical Connection Approval or CTE Approval

Parcurile de panouri fotovoltaice sunt instalatii predominant electrice ce implica urmatorii pasi tehnici:

  • amplasarea de structuri metalice pe sol care vor sustine panouri solare fotovoltaice.
  • amplasarea panourilor solare fotovoltaice pe structurile metalice la o inclinatie fata de soare
  • amplasarea invertoarelor solare in spatele panourilor solare fotovoltaice
  • pozarea si tragerea cablurile atat de la panourile solare fotovoltaice pana la invertoare, cat si de la invertoare la postul de transformare
  • amplasarea postului de transformare din joasa in medie tensiune
  • realizarea racordului / bransamentului electric trifazat pana la reteaua locala. Nu toate parcurile fotovoltaice au posturi de transformare, acestea fiind diferete in functie de puterea parcului fotovoltaic.

In momentul de fata, ANRE ofera pentru fiecare 1 MWh de energie introdus in retea o suma de 110 euro (energie electrica + certificate verzi).

Pentru a ne cere o oferta de proiectare instalatii electrice de realizarea unui parc din panouri solare fotovoltaice, va rugam sa ne contactati prin Pagina de Contact